Tearaway Concept Art: ​Sasquatch Country

Time to plunder the Tearaway art vaults and see what we might find. Oooh what's this! Let's ask Rex...

Tearaway Concept Art  - 015

This was a very early concept I made, experimenting with different ways to take the kind of playable layouts you'd experience in a dungeon-crawler, and open them up and fill them full of colour. 

So instead of having dark corridors and walls everywhere they become floating platforms made out of stacks of paper, floating above the camera feed of whatever was beneath your PSVita. 

In the middle of the image is the players fingertip pushing through, although here it looks like a brown egg! Luckily Stefan was able to make a much, much better 3D version of fingertips in the game, so that they didn't end up looking like my brown eggs.


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