Tearaway Squirrel Winners!

At E3 we launched another papery creative challenge for you fine folks, and you took to it like a cheetah takes to rockets.

We’ve just spent a gruelling hour debating the winners, and we’ve picked three. That’s three winners…. plus also three runners-up.

The winners will receive some framed, signed artwork, and the runners-up will get a little goody bag of treats that we’ll put together from things we have lying about the place.
We’ll also attempt to send a tiny gesture to everyone who entered, as a little thank you!

You all made such great squirrels, we can’t wait for the next challenge!
Ok, without further ado….

The Runners-Up




The Winners!


Emily Vanelverdinghe


Congratulations all, we’ll be in touch soon! Check out all the other entries on our Pinterest gallery below, and stay tuned for more creative challenges!


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