Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup - February!

Good day papery pals!

It's been another impressively creative month in the world of Tearaway. The days may still be gloomy and cold but we've got a stonker of a community roundup for you this month, it will warm your cockles!

So, without further ado, let's see who won our community awards this month :)

Community Round Up February

Check out our winRARS!

Our 'Best Selfie' award this month goes to @Little_-Fox_- with their beautifully taken portrait of their Messenger! The soft lighting casts a warm glow over the shot, and the angle used with atoi to the side is fantastic! It makes for a really eye-catching and unique self-portrait. We love it, and just look at those big eyes, so cute! <3

Feast your eyes upon @GAMEANDWIITCH's papercraft collection, we've never seen one so grand! We are seriously impressed, that is one helluva lot of cutting and gluing right there! They've made every single model including some extra ones too, check out the beautiful waterfall and the little bridge at the bottom. And there's so many characters! Every time we look at the photo we see something new, super amazing work! *throws confetti*

We're giving out a brand new 'Best Cosplay' award this month to @mliien670 for their awesome iota cosplay! They've done a fantastic job of bringing Tearaway to life in our world, I wonder what Message this Messenger contains? :) Head on over to @mliien670's profile to see more photos of them in action. Brilliant job dude, we want to see more photos of your papery adventures!

Lastly, the most important and highly revered award must go to @watkinskris for the 'Biggest Derp'! I think we can all agree that atoi is pulling classic derp face here, it definitely made us chuckle when we saw it! Poor atoi, it's not easy being a papery Messenger, maybe she had one too many drinks at The Tavern! :P

What a fantastic month! Thank you to everyone who played Tearaway Unfolded and shared their adventures with us. We love seeing what you all get up to in the paper world <3

We'll be back next month with more awesome community creations, please keep sharing your photos with us on and on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram. You never know, you might just see yourself featured in an upcoming roundup!


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