Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup - January 2016!

Hey folks!

Today we're bringing you our very first Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup of 2016 *much excite*! It may have been a rather gloomy wintry period recently but from the looks of things, you folks have been escaping into the papery worlds of Tearaway and brightening up those dark evenings with some crafting - both in game and in real life. It's so wonderful to see how much detail you all put into your challenges throughout the game, it definitely motivates us to keep doing what we do :)

Well then, let's see who made our roundup this month...

Sometimes we all just need to see a good squirrel selfie, am I right? Luckily @laharris80 has us covered this month with their brilliant 'squelfie' (yes I did just do that). This squirrel clearly has plenty of sass, and what a great angle!

One of the most iconic challenges in Tearaway has to be making a crown for the King Squirrel. @callmebooker has made a crown to be proud of here, just look at all the detail, the individual gems! Can you make us one in our size plz? :)

We're seriously impressed by @Minimaus060406's papercraft collection, that's some serious paper dedication right there! The countless hours and paper cuts you must have endured to craft them all - we salute you friend! Thank you for making such a fabulous collection <3

Continuing with the crafting love, here's an amazing real-life papercraft version of @VzepthireV's in-game Messenger! We haven't seen many of these and this one is just amazing! You've crafted a beautiful and colourful Messenger that is as unique and special as You! Here's hoping @VzepthireV has started a trend because we'd love to see more of your Messengers bursting out into the real world!

Tearaway Community Roundup January 2016

Have a ganders at all these shots in their full glory! <a href="">laharris80</a> | <a href="">callmebooker</a> | <a href="">Minimaus060406</a> | <a href="">VzepthireV</a>

Have you done any crafting this month? What costumes have you made for your Messenger? And have you snapped any beautiful papery landscapes recently? Don't forget to share your photos and creations on and you could find yourself in next month's roundup! :)


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