Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup - July!

Howdy folks and welcome to another paper-tastic Tearaway Unfolded community roundup! This month our band of merry messengers have been fashioning themselves some rather exciting hairdo's and getting all magical with some Harry Potter inspired costumes! Ooh, stupendous!

So, without further ado let's see who's made this month's roundup...

Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup July

We must begin with this devilish little messenger who's got some rather fetching accessories made by it's You @brudenell on Twitter! We love the Deathly Hallows logo (hooray for Harry Potter!) and all the little details on the ears, the horns and the arm. Such precise papercrafting here, we're super impressed. Fantastic job Brudenell and your key eye for detail wins you this month's prize of 'Best Costume'!

@Ley_Ow has been taking some beautiful photographs in Tearaway Unfolded this month. We loved this snap of Sogport, capturing the beautiful illuminated windows and all the other little details that make this harbour town so unique. It's the unusual angle they've chosen here which makes this photo stand out, great job Ley!

This month's 'Best Papercrafting' prize has to go to our good friend and frequent fantastic papercrafter @yahslover! She has only gone and recreated 'Starry Night' by Vincent Van Gogh in Tearaway (on the PS Vita!) using the in-game cutting mat! Incredible work Marie, you've crafted a papery masterpiece that Mr Van Gogh would be proud of!

Is your messenger in need of a new haircut? XOZombiePandaOX is the best hairdresser in all of Valleyfold this month and will surely give your messenger the make-over they've been searching for! We love this shaggy bob hairdo they've created using the in-game customisation tool. It's amazing what you can create with a cutting mat and some determination :) Fantastic stuff! Have you given your messenger a papery make-over? Share yours with us in the comments below!

As we head into August, we can't wait to see what our creative You's will create in Tearaway Unfolded! As always, please do share your photos and creations with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag #TearawayUnfolded, we'd love to see your summery snaps!

Thanks for joining us folks and we'll see you next month for another Tearaway Unfolded community roundup!


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