Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup - March!

Hey Messengers!

Can you believe it's the end of March already? My goodness, where does the time go! The good news is though that spring is just around the corner (I can feel it!) and we have a brand new community round up for you right now! Don't say we don't spoil ya ;)

You papery folks have been busy bees as always in the land of Tearaway so let's take a look and see who made our roundup this month...

Community Round Up March

Check out this month's superstars!

Our Best Messenger of the month award goes to PikachoQ____q for their serious hair 'do making skills, check it out! We love the way they've layered the papers and cut them at different lengths to give the hairdo lots of volume. Great job, can you come and do my hair one day? :D

How cute is @ShaqBrown123's gopher here? We just want to pick the little fella up and give him a squish! The lighting and composition of the shot are also really well thought out too, who doesn#t love a good Gopher portrait?

@MarloweBaol captured this beautiful landscape shot of Coggage Cove in Sogport this month and we can't stop looking at it. The use of the High Contrast Filter here really helps to make the colours in the scene pop and it brings out the personality of the harbour too. It's a fantastic shot, well done buddy!

It's not a Tearaway Unfolded community roundup without a good derp face and @Jjed-91 is bringing the strong derp face game to the table this month! Our only question is - what make him derp so much? My bet is on a Wendigo, who's with me?!

Thanks for a fantastic month everybody! We hope you've all enjoyed exploring the papery lands of Tearaway Unfolded, we've certainly had a blast seeing all your photos and creations pop up in our feeds <3

We'll be back next month with another exciting roundup for you folks, but until then you can share your adventures with us on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram and of course,!



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