Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup - May!

A little late, but better late than never as they say - here's our Tearaway Unfolded community roundup for May!

While I was on holiday, you folks have been snapping away in the game, capturing all manner of beautiful shots and selfies. I have to say, it was a pretty tough choice this month to narrow all the photos down, but here we have it! *Drum roll please* Our community round up for May :)

Community Round Up May

Our Messenger of the month goes to our good friend @yahslover for their uh-ma-zing fox inspired customisation! The level of detail here is insane, they look so fluffy <3 Be sure to check out Marie's livestreams too, we know she's been playing Tearaway Unfolded a lot recently so give her some love!

This month's 'action shot' goes to @Dark-Shimigami95 for their ultra awesome paper plane shot! The High Contrast Filter used here really helps this brave and courageous Messenger to stand out against the blue sky, and it makes for a really lovely looking photo too. Great stuff buddy!

Check out this rad wildlife capture by @xX_EnderShard_Xx which is another great example of the High Contrast Filter being used to perfect effect. This jolly Elk looks lovely and bright against the creamy purple background, it makes our eyes happy! The Nifty-Fifty Lens creates a nice crop too, wonderful work!

Our papercrafting hero this month has to be Hayley Thomas with her fantastic Welsh Dragon! We applaud your awesome paper cutting skills Hayley, this must have taken some time (and patience!) to achieve! We are impressed :)

That's all for this month folks. Come back soon for another rockin' round up of Tearaway Unfolded photos, and don't forget to keep sharing and sending us all your creations too. You can upload your photos to or hit us up on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram using the hashtag #TearawayUnfolded.

See you next time folks!


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