Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup - Messenger Special!

Happy September everybody!

Wait, what?

I know! Can you believe it's September already? It'll soon be time to get those woollies out of the wardrobe and start hunting for a pumpkin to help scare away the crows... But before we begin sipping on our hot and froffy drinks, it's time for another Tearaway Unfolded community roundup and we've got something a little special for You this month :)

During my regular visits to, our community website for Tearaway and Tearaway Unfolded, I noticed that over the past month we've had some papertastic Messenger costumes being crafted, you've all been getting busy with your cutting mats which is awesome! To celebrate all the wonderful customisations we've seen, we're bringing you a 'Messenger Special' edition of our monthly Tearaway Unfolded community roundup. So, without further ado let's see who made the cut(ting mat)! 

Community Round Up August

Ahh the Guide Squirrel, your loyal and helpful companion during your journey through the papery world of Tearaway Unfolded... where would our Messengers' be without all their knowledge and wisdom? We dread to think! To celebrate these most awesome of creatures, CyberTronX280 has crafted this fantastic Guide Messenger costume complete with the D-Pad and everything! It's just fantastic and we love it! Hooray for Guide Squirrels and Messengers everywhere! <3

Flowers and foliage can make any outfit immediately more beautiful, there's just something about a flower crown that never fails to catch my eye. When I saw this flora and fauna embellished costume by calldres I was instantly smitten and I had to take a look at their profile to see if there were any more photos - which to my delight, there are! Be sure to check out calldres's full profile on to get a better look at the costume in full, including all the swoon-worthy leafy details <3

Well who's this then! This happy little bear looks rather familiar... but of course, it's Frances from our upcoming creative adventure game Dreams‏@nyanchuoya has crafted this amazing papery tribute to our fearless zombie-bashing bear and we love her. <3 They've even included a teeny papery hammer, just in case 'Frances Unfolded' needs to dispatch any of those pesky scraps she's heard so much about... just brilliant!

NinjaNick2911's 'Jak' Messenger is ready for any 'Dark Eco' encounters they may come across whilst they're exploring the perilous world of Tearaway Unfolded... you never know what those pesky Wendigo's are hiding in those pearls they love so much! NinjaNick2911 has done a fantastic job translating Jak's famous look into a papery version, all the details (including those green eyebrows!) are just spot on and look great! If you pop on over to NinjaNick2911's profile too, you'll find some more costumes there that you're sure to recognise :)

What a stonker of a month it's been! Thank you to everyone who's shared their Messengers, their papercrafts and their creations with us - we always love seeing what you're all making in Tearaway and Tearaway Unfolded!

Be sure to keep sharing all your creations with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and maybe you'll see yourself in next month's roundup! Ooh! Until next time folks, keep crafting. <3


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