Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup - September

Hello Messengers and welcome to another papery edition of our monthly community round up!

September was a busy month in the world of Tearaway Unfolded with more papercrafts, costumes and fan arts that you can shake a glue stick at but after much head scratching and paper crumpling, we have managed to narrow it down to our favourite four below! Take a peek below the fold to read more about our September picks!

Tearaway Unfolded Community Roundup September 2016

Our 'Best Papercraft' award this month is proudly awarded to atomicdog1337 with their delightful collection of fully customised crafts! Just look at their carefully crafted Messengers with matching hair colours and unique decorations, we're absolutely swooning over all the little details that have gone into these papercraft creations. And they've made a Guide squirrel too. <3 Awesome work buddy, your crafting skills are sublime! Be sure to check out atomicdog1337's profile on to see more of their fantastic work. It's inspired us for sure!

This month's stylin' 'Best Costume' award has to go to @Lokno and their adorable Pikachu-inspired outfit! From the teeny bows accessorising the look to the nicely contrasting pink and yellow colours, this costume packs a papery punch in the most cutest fashion! It's simple but effective and just shows how unique you can make your Messenger with only a few simple tweaks and decorations! Fabulous <3

There's nothing quite like a dark and stormy night, and Stasiasaur has captured a real beauty in Coggage Cove this month earning them the 'Best Landscape' prize. The Wide Angle Lens and the Exposure Filter work well together here to intensify the colours, and the lightning strike increases the contrast even more. It's a wonderful shot, cracking photography Stasiasaur!

Finishing up this month, we're awarding our 'Best Wildlife' shot to Bratstvo and their beautiful photograph of an unawakened flower in the Wassail Orchard. It's all about the details in Tearaway Unfolded; there's so many delicious papery sights to see that you often miss out on those small but magical moments as you go about your adventures. We hope you shone your Guiding Light onto this poor little flower Bratstvo and released it from it's newspapery chains! Imagine how beautiful it'll look when it's unfolded :)


Well folks that's all for this month! As always, a massive thank you to all our Messengers who have been busy taking photos and creating wonderful things in Tearaway Unfolded this month.

Keep sharing your photos with us on, TwitterInstagram and Tumblr and maybe you'll find yourself unfolding into next month's roundup!


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