Announcing Our Costume Contest Winnaaarrr!

When we launched our Tearaway Unfolded Costume Contest a few weeks ago, we couldn't wait to see what our amazingly talented community was going to create for us, and boy oh boy did you folks come up with some amazing costumes!

We had so many fantastic entries that we really struggled to pick just one, but after much deliberation we have chosen our winner! Much excite!

We're pleased to announce that the winner is...*drum roll please*

Holly Turner with her swashbuckling pirate costume! Mega congrats!


Holly's hearty design!

Ooo'aarrr me hearties! We LOVE Holly's pirate costume, it really caught our eye and felt like the perfect outfit for all you Tearaway Messengers out there to wear as you journey through the world of Tearaway, battling Scraps and collecting confetti! Ooh, and as a bonus, if you run out of space in your backpack, you can always store more confetti under that spiffing hat!

Huge congratulations again Holly on your fantastic *winning* costume! Rex can't wait to get it into the game and we'll try to share some screenshots of it in-game as soon as possible! It's going to look great!

We'd also like to take this opportunity to say a BIG thank all our other amazing entries, you folks knocked our socks off with your creative designs! We wish we could have included them all in the game, but sadly we couldn't! Don't worry though folks, we've got more contests coming up over the next few months so there'll be plenty to get your teeth into! We can't wait!


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