Tearaway wallpapers of all shapes and sizes will make you squeal, puns will make you cry.

OK, so it turns out wallpapers only come in rectangles, but those other promises will hold true, for behold!

Your phone, your computer, your Vita - they’re all sick. It’s not swine-flu, but these devices are in desperate need of help.
But it’s ok folks, there’s no need to call a Hambulance. Allow us to trot out these Tearaway wallpapers, which are sure to cure a computer or computery device of any ailment!
Apply the wallpaper to the sick device like an oikment, and stand back to admire your Ham-dy work…. The Pigment will soon return to their pale complexion.

Just pork your desired size:

OK that’s enough of the puns, they’re such a boar.

Did you know that you’ll soon be able to pre-order Tearaway, and if you do you’ll be bestowed with even greater gifts than these fine wallpapers, oh yes.


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