Tearaway Wendigo Winners!

We’re a bit sleepy today, because we stayed up all night umming, ahhing and generally struggling to pick winners to our wendigo mask contest. Finally, after an intense session balancing the merits of each entry, we’ve settled on some winners.

The only way we could settle on those winners though, was to double the number of them from three to six, and make sure we had a good spread of incredible mask creations, and our favourite photographic scenes.

Before we get to naming the winners though, we’d like to thank everyone who entered: Thank you guys, we loved your masks, and we’ve printed them out to put on the wall!
As a little thank you for helping us decorate, we will send an A3 professionally printed tearaway papercraft elk plan to everyone who entered, and we might even get Rex to sign them.

NOW. The Winners. Each of these winners will receive a signed framed doodle by Rex.

Winner: @Lilliflora

Winner: @mabxtery

Winner: @doseiengine

Winner: @Imputed714

Winner: @sybanee

Winner: @childp_child

Honourable Mention

Not a winner per se, but the first ever Tearaway Cosplay by @stuffstuffthing cannot go unnoticed! We’ll send you a small cool thing, once we can work out what that might be!

We will contact everyone, starting with the winners, via Twitter DMS. So make sure you’re following @tearawaygame if you want to hear from us!
If you haven’t heard from us in 7 days, then get in touch.

Look at all the amazing entries below, and thank you everyone who entered, you are all awesome. Another creative challenge awaits….


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