Teh Winnar is us!

Just look at all those shiny awards, sparkling in the sun, and lined up all neatly on a table by the entrance to the office; an area that will henceforth be dubbed, the foyer.

The breakdown:

  • 8 A.I.A.S Awards
  • 4 Game Developer’s Choice Awards
  • 2 Spike VGA Awards
  • 2 G.A.N.G Awards
  • 1 BAFTA
  • 1 Surrey Business Award
  • 1 Official Playstation Magazine Award
  • 1 iGizmo Award
  • 1 Pocket-lint Gadget Award

Everyone has taken a turn holding the various awards whilst beaming with pride and posing for photographs. Thanks very much to everyone who voted for us or picked us for the various awards, and helped us to win these lovely shiny objects.

Of course personally I’ve only been here a few days, but Sssshhh they’re mine too, I won them.


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