Thank you Hideo Kojima <3

The Molecules have been a buzz with excitement this morning after watching IGN's latest video, in which the great Hideo Kojima mentions a *certain* pink carpeted studio as his main inspiration in the creation of his own studio, Kojima Productions.

We are incredibly honoured by Hideo's words below, they really mean a lot to us so from all of us here at Media Molecule, a great big thank you <3

The studio that inspired me the most was Media Molecule in England. The studio isn't so large, but inside it felt less like a studio and more like a club, where like minded people were assembled. It was like a home”

Hideo Kojima

Kojima Explains Theory Behind New Death Stranding Studio - IGN Exclusive

It was a real pleasure welcoming Hideo Kojima, Mark Cerny and their team into the studio last year, and it's definitely a moment we won't forget. Please come back and see us again soon, we'll even cook haggis again if you fancy!


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