Thanks for coming to the Fan Meet!

A big thank you to everyone who came down to our mini fan meet at the Eurogamer Expo! It was a really fantastic day, and we had a lot of fun meeting all you all.

If you couldn’t make it down, don’t be too sad, this is definitely not the last time we do one of these, so hopefully you’ll get your chance!

The internet is now awash with various pics and videos from the event. For instance this interview with Sam and Laura who came down from Studio Cambridge to talk about LBP PSP this extensive interview with Danny, John, and Martin over on Sackcast, and we’ve uploaded a bunch of shots to our Flickr stream.

Highlights from the day include meeting the crazy creative people that make up our community, the tag jamming sessions in Create mode, where various creators and Mm designers jammed together to make some random levels, and being able to play people’s levels with them side by side.


We had a few little party bags to give away to fans that attended, but to get hold of one you had to give us a drawing and say the magic password (Plagachef). This of course means we now have around 100 pieces of fan art to put on our wall, and we’ll hopefully get some pictures of those on the internet soon, lots of creativity and comedy all round, good work.

So, thanks again everyone who came, what an awesome time!


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