The Average Media Molecule person

Media Molecule average studio face

We’ve been playing about with the Face Research averager – a neat bit of software that lets you upload faces then combine them. Apparently, if there was to be a big old Media Molecule love-in, then this is what our collective child would look like. (S)he’s so… weirdly smooth. mmmmmmmm. Buttery.

While the program seems to be most effective with a large number of samples, you can get some of the most freaky and ‘characterful’ results when the number of parents is low… behold our inbred Sackboy and sound departments (top-left and bottom-right respectively):

media molecule multiple merges

Clockwise, from top-left: Sackboy team, coders, sound team, artists.

The games industry is famously male-dominated. We’re not immune from that here at the molecule, but being a lovely fair and gender-agnostic place, we have a fair few ladies here on the dev team. Here’s what a female molecule looks like:

Media Molecule girlz


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