The Dreamview Weekly Roundup has moved!

Looking for the latest edition of the Dreamview Weekly Roundup? Well, firstly, congrats on your excellent taste. Secondly - it’s not here! Because it’s in a better place now...

Not like that. It’s still alive. It’s just over on The Impsider!

Impsider Logo

Yes, our Friday rundown of five great creations to check out in Dreams is now in its proper home, Media Molecule’s new editorial blog: the place to go to read expert recommendations, unmissable stories and exclusive insights into the world of Dreams.

New to the Roundup? You can still catch up with all the previous editions right here on the Mm Blog. If you’ve been keeping up to date with it - thanks so much! We hope you enjoy its continued growth over on The Impsider as we work to make our editorial output even cooler. (We know, basically impossible - but SOMEBODY HAS TO TRY.)

We’ll miss hiding silly stuff in the tags here, though. Bye, Mm Blog! It’s been fun. <3


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