The IMPY Awards - The Nominees!


Impys Ig

Nominations for the Dreams Impy Awards have been submitted, collected, and are finally complete! All of us at Media Molecule are very excited to announce the shortlists of content created by Dreams users for the Impy Awards, streaming on Sunday, January 26th, at 5PM on Twitch. Molecules from every department at the studio went through all the nominations to create the lists below - it was NOT easy. Reviewing so many community creations highlighted just how talented, innovative and interesting the Dreams community is and we truly wish we could award them all.

We’ll be celebrating the whole community during our show with special guests, some very exciting industry judges, lots of surprises and all the enthusiasm of our normal weekly streams but in fancy costumes with an even fancier stage made for us by the Mm Art department. We have a theme song and everything!

Before we announce the nominees...remember that the winners of the following categories are determined by the community, so make sure to VOTE for your picks in:

Hidden Gem Creator

Hidden Gem Dream

Community Star

Best Voice Acting

Favourite Streamer

Most Helpful Dreamer

You can register your vote here and we’ll reveal your choices on the big night. Now, without further are your nominees:

Most Helpful Dreamer






Best Curator






Community Star

Project Genesis





Most Improved Dreamer


SdeReu & Lotte_Double




Best Visuals

Wolf Woods by Shandyboy1975

Beach by Patekkah

Outpost 60 by BrianTaylor60

Paintings by OTTOposte1

Pip Gemwalker by ManChickenTurtle

Best Voice Acting

KeldBjones - Sheriff Dog in Pig Detective 2

MrCaseyJones - Opposite Day 5

Bella_Iris - Computer Voices Collection

ReddishBoat - Pig Detective Halloween Special

Awesome_David - Witchy Woods

Best Character

Ruckus by Morishiro1935

Anastasia the Messenger Mage by Morning-Nya

Roger Whitebeard by PuddyDoke

Frederick the Fox - CodiBear8383

Bo by Byvsen

Favourite Streamer



Project Genesis

Gribble Grunger


The Aww-ward

Colour with Crayons by MarmiteForMe

The Reach by Ryan47

Fuzzy and Snowflake by Grumpypickles5

Duet by Byvsen

Rainbow Coast by DigitalThing

Funniest Creation

Witchy Woods by Awesome_David

Opposite Day 2 by MrCaseyJones

Dating Friendbot: The Survival Horror Experience by Frostadoodle

The Classical Order by sdcxsfd

Pig Detective: A Little Trouble in Little Cologne by Sde_Reu + Lotte Double

Best Song

PG x JD - Spravade by PGray_Official & JDGamez

Bees in the Boathouse by JayYoder & AyeWilder

Riviera Daylight by Mandelbo

Matte. by DisarmedX

You and I, All Night by MaJiCkAlOne

Best Sculpture

Dragon Showcase by Gauffreman

It’s A Sunset Lookout by ItsDig

Captain William Stone by MAC-Seventeen

The Snaggs Head by MadGFX_Snaggs

The Collector 2 by ryan47

Best Animation

Duet by Byvsen

Seventh Doll Machina by BukkoroChan

Topher Thebes and the Enchanted Crystal by VerbalCreative

Radical by TheOneironaut

Fuzzy and Snowflake by Grumpypickles5

Best Gameplay

Deepest Dungeons RPG by Daniel-Hamster

Divide by Deimatic

Cubric by the_burgervan

Art Therapy by KeldBjones

Scavenger by Robinabcstu

Best Narrative

The Starbrushed Peak by Mandelbo

Trace of Time by FeyzPS

Pig Detective 2 by SdeReu & Lotte_Double

Mimeo Prophecy by raz0rbackzwei

Day by Day by GentlemanTom

Hidden Gem Dream

Chrono Shot: Infinite by RadishLord

Tactics 100 by Aecert

Zdex - Temple of Flies Part 1&2 by ZakYeL_

Do Robots Dream of Electric Imps by SlurmMacKenzie

Fin by Fleckromancer

Best Sound Design

The Ornithologist’s Private Collection by Mattizzle1

Turbulence by sanderobros

The Backrooms by Syntronic_

Great Job, Human by the__burgervan

Pig Detective 2: Adventures in Cowboy Town by Sde_Reu + Lotte_Double

The Wish I Had Thought of That Award

Player Piano Player by Enigma_0123

Functioning Move Violin by TannicAlloy

The Gate by ruolbu

Alex's Nightmare by SlurmMacKenzie

Living Clock Screensaver by Agarwel

Hidden Gem Creator






Dream of the Year

Topher Thebes and the Enchanted Crystal by Verbal Creative

Wind-Up by Fireburn02

Mimeo Prophecy by raz0rbackzwei

Ruckus: Just Another Natural Disaster by Morishiro1935

Pig Detective: Adventures in Cowboy Town by SdeReu & Lotte_Double

Pip Gemwalker by ManChickenTurtle

Opposite Day 2: Regular Day by MrCaseyJones

Creator of the Year


SdeReu + Lotte-Double




Congratulations to all the nominees, shortlisted or not - you’re AMAZING! We’ll see you on Sunday, January 26th at 5 PM GMT on Twitch.

Fancy dress is encouraged, but not required (but if you do, send us a pic!).