The Making of Comic Sands Livestream & Introducing Mm Monthly!

Happy Friday, CoMmunity!

How are we already half way through the month? It's about time we shared details on this month's stream, right?

Before we reveal all, make sure to catch up on our GDC stream from last month. You can find it over on YouTube and Twitch

We're super excited for April's Dreams livestream - If you've seen Comic Sands, the game Abbie, Ed, John and Alex created for TrainJam, you may have thought “How did they do that?! In 3 days! On a train!” This month's livestream will reveal the design behind the level as well give a peek at the content we created at Day of the Devs during GDC. The ever-fabulous John Beech will be your guide for logic and design, so we can guarantee the stream will be one not to miss (are they ever not, though?!) 

We'll be broadcasting on Twitch on Friday 20th, April at 5PM BST. The full video will then be available to watch immediately afterwards, and will be uploaded to YouTube the following Monday (23rd April).

If you missed Comic Sands during GDC week, you can check out the playthrough video below - and yes, it really was made in Dreams! 

Made in Dreams | Comic Sands - Train Jam 2018

If you have questions about design in Dreams, please drop them below in the comments or ask us over on our social channels.

In other news, we're launching a NEWSLETTER! Yay! It's something we've been working on in tip-top secret over the past couple of months, and we've got it to a point where we're super excited to share with you. Each month, we'll drop it in your inbox with news on what we've been working on, the previous month's activities and plenty of more fun-cool-awesome stuff!

If you want to receive Mm Monthly (catchy, right?), simply sign up here with your email address and that's it! We hope you enjoy it!

Anywho, don't forget to set up your reminders for the stream, which are available over on Facebook and Twitch. Have a wonderful weekend, and we'll see you on the stream! 

Welcome to this blogpost! Although our stream has happened, you're more than welcome to still watch everything in the video below!


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