The Mm Games Quiz night, hosted by Kitty Powers

Buzzers, hooters and whistles at the ready teams, an Mm games quiz is afoot!

The studio was filled with honking and hooting last week as we transformed Mm Towers into a glittering pink and silver wonderland, for the first ever 'Mm Games Trivia Challenge', hosted by the always fantabulous Ms Kitty Powers!

The Molecules were split into two teams and a team captain was nominated within each group to lead their fellow quiz goers to victory! Battling for the winners’ cup were 'The SpaceSheep', headed up by Captain Swann, and the 'Jamie Dodgers' lead by (of course!) Captain Jamie, her team sporting Jammie dodger biscuits sellotaped to their heads. !

We held the event as a special celebration for our friend Janet Carr from ABC Australia, who had been visiting us all the way from Sydney. As it was her last day with us, we wanted to give her a proper Mm knees up!

The quiz was a mixture of straight up questions and answers with charades, true or false, guess the year and quick fire rounds mixed in. One of the quick fire rounds had contestants ‘guessing the game through pictures’ with Kitty slowly revealing one picture at a time. Memorable games from this round were ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood’ (which contained a lot of donkeys if you’re wondering!) As the end drew nearer, the competition grew ever fiercer with contestants honking into the round even if they didn’t know the answer, which lead to some very heated rounds and some very lucky guesses (to the other team’s dismay).

After a total of 11 rounds, which included some hilarious Assassin's Creed charades, the Jamie Dodgers were victorious and they took home the highly coveted 'Trivia Winners’ Cup'! It was a great evening, enjoyed by all and there were more than a few sore heads the following morning from all that thinking… or something that rhymes with that anyway.

To see the rest of the photos from the night, head on over to our Flickr page to see the full gallery!


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