The Scale of Awesome Moustaches

To celebrate the release of the Sonic Costume Kit, which is available today on the PlayStation®Store, we thought we’d pause to admire Dr Eggman‘s AWESOME MOUSTACHE.

It is without doubt the most fearsomely impressive moustache available for Sackboy to so far. We took the time to compare it alongside some of the most well known (and not so well known) moustaches from throughout history. The results speak for themselves: It is indeed, the most awesome moustache we’ve ever seen. Even if we do say so ourselves :)

Dr Eggman's Awesome Moustache

If you plan on getting the costume for your Sackboy, why not show off your new ‘tache and take some photos?
Add them to Flickr with the tag awesomemoustachepics or post them in the comments here ;)

Last year we posted the Scale of Awesome Beards to celebrate the release of the Summer Solstice Druid costume - check it out if you missed it.


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