This week: Mm Music Pack 1

Coming to the Playstation Store this week is a new type of pack for LittleBigPlanet – an original music pack! Three brand new fully interactive tracks to enhance your levels with. Here’s our audio guru Kenny to tell us more about them…

These three new interactive tracks each offer something a little bit different to the music that is already available within the LBP universe. ‘Well Trained’ is a blues number, ‘Wise Owl’ is an ambient electronic type t’ing and ‘Tea By The Sea’ is, er, beyond description – it’s kinda Anglo-French Americana. Or something. You need to hear it to know what I mean, but it’s probably my favourite track.

They were all written by Mat Clark at Sonica Studios – Mat wrote most of the original interactive music in LBP (which won a couple of GANG awards for ‘Best Interactive Score’ and ‘Best Instrumental’, not forgetting a BAFTA nomination!), so you know the kind of awesomeness to expect.

Have fun using them in your levels!



Thanks Kenny! Now, as good as descriptions are, when it comes to music there’s nothing like actually hearing the tracks is there? That’s why we cobbled together this preview little video. Mm Music pack 1, coming October 8th priced £2.39 / €2.99 / US $2.99 $3.99 (price corrected).
Oh, it also comes with a few music themed stickers too!

You can also watch this video in HD on YouTube.


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