This Week's Live Stream - Still Life with Kareem and Men Lu

Hey everyone, we hope you all had a lovely weekend! It was a Bank Holiday here in the UK so if you had the day off yesterday, we hope you did something fun (despite the traditional unpredictable English weather)!

We're back on your internet telly boxes this week with another Dreams live stream, huzzah! This time, we're joined on the streaming sofa by Kareem and Men Lu, two of our fabulous artists here at Mm who are going to be discussing art, and in particular still-life, within Dreams.

Logo Cezanne

Men Lu's tribute to Cezanne, made entirely in Dreams.

We've shared a number of painterly scenes made in Dreams before, so we'd like to take this opportunity to discuss the inspirations and motivations behind these scenes, and also delve a little deeper into the art philosophy that runs deep within the Molecule.

Join us live on Twitch, YouTube Gaming and PSN Events this Thursday 5th May at 5pm UK time. We'll also be taking your questions throughout so please feel free to bring some along for Kareem and Men Lu to answer. We can't wait, see you Thursday folks!

Dreams Live Stream Art And Still Life

Join us on PSN Events too.


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