This Week's Live Stream - We're back from GDC!

Hey everyone!

We're back from GDC this week feeling inspired and invigorated after a fantastic time meeting fellow developers and budding games makers :) We'll be sharing some stories and snaps from our week in San Fran very soon, but for tomorrow's Dreams live stream we're going to be talking all about the Train Jam!

Train Jam Live Stream

Jon, John, Bogdan and Liam recently took a train across America during which they made a game - no biggie. The train traveled from Chicago to San Francisco where they had 52 hours to come up with a concept for a game and build it entirely from scratch, all while on a very wobbly train! It was a mammoth journey and a very exciting adventure for our brave train jammers but they did it (as we knew they would!) and they made an awesome game - all built using Dreams of course!

Tune in tomorrow at 5pm UK time to hear John, Liam and Bogdan tell us all about their Train Jam experiences AND to watch them play their game live on the stream! It's going to be a good'un folks, you won't want to miss this.

You can join us on Twitch, YouTube Gaming or through PSN Events. See you tomorrow folks!


We have just finished the stream and it was all the fun! You can watch it again here:

Dreams PS4 - Rocket Game made on Train Jam 2016! | Media Molecule Live Stream


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