Twice as Much Streaming Goodness!

Happy Friday, CoMmunity!

We hope you've been enjoying watching our weekly CoMmunity Creations streams as much as we've enjoyed hosting them! It's been amazing to see what's been brought to life in the Dreamiverse in just under a month since we launched Dreams Creator Early Access!

But, do you know what's better than one weekly stream? TWO weekly streams! Yup, we'll be streaming every Tuesday and Thursday - starting next week!

Our Thursday streams will remain the same, where we gather up a bunch of wonderful creations from yourselves and play through them. Tuesday streams, though, will focus on the MM team creating live in Dreams! We'll be jamming on the couch together - and taking your input and questions as we go - so if you want to learn from the professionals, Tuesdays are made for you.

Mm Jams1

Our first Mm Jam stream will be taking place Tuesday 14th May at 5PM BST on Twitch, where we'll be creating something to inspire you in the next Dreams Community Jam and it's currently TOP SECRET subject. If you can't watch live, you'll be able to find the stream in our Twitch video archive straight after, or on YouTube the following day!

As always, we're keeping an eye on to see what you want to learn, so keep the feedback (and the bug reports!) coming. We're looking forward to seeing you TWICE A WEEK now...and down the line...well, we may even have a special guest or two come jam with us, so keep a look out! Have a great weekend, CoMmunity!


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