We need a Papercraft Engineer

Oooooh!At Media Molecule, we’re hard at work bringing the papery world of Tearaway into people’s homes, not only on the PlayStation Vita, but also through papercraft! As you explore the game world, you will unlock a treasure trove of different papercraft plans for you to print and build. We’re looking for someone to join us for six months, and help us bring the papercraft world in to the real world, ensuring that our papercraft is just as fun for players to make, as the game is to play.

Who are you?

As a Wizard of Papercraft, you will naturally be a lover of all things Paper. There’s nothing you enjoy more than spending the day with your head buried in a box of card and paper scraps, or cutting, folding, and gluing a sheet of plain A4 paper into anything you can think of; from a paper plane, to a pop-up fire breathing T-Rex, which wags its tail when you pull its little finger.

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