Wendigo Wednesday #10!

Yesterday was filled with so much Wendigawesome that we completely ran out of time to share our favourites for the week! Oh no! But fear not folks, we're about to rectify this now by filling your screens with Wendigoodness (ok, I'll stop with the Wendigo puns now!)

First up, let's share some lovely snaps found on Here's a cool shot by Dqn_Kostolom, really loving the colours in this one, the Wendigo stands out nicely against the deep purple sky and green grass. Great shot!

Dqn Kostolom-Wendigo-Wednesday-10

Dqn_Kostolom on

Check out this adorable family shot taken by kadena_perpetua. Boy oh boy it looks like this little Baby Wendigo is hungry for that pearl! :) Love the customisations here Kadena!

kadena perpetua-Wendigo-Wednesday-10

kadena_perpetua on

Look at this awesomely prehistoric Wendigo from @Renaultmilton on Twitter! Milton informs us that it's a W-Rex (a Wendisaurs Rex) which lived in Sogport 68 million years ago. Wow! So that's where our Wendigos came from, prehistoric ancestry! Thanks for fantastic drawing Milton :)


@Renaultmilton on Twitter

What's your animal spirit? @Sandro8708 on Twitter says theirs is a Wendigo, awesome! Thanks for another amazing drawing Sandro!


@Sandro8708 on Twitter

To finish up our favourites, the uber talented @TheRealDJCHIMP on Twitter has made this AMAZING papercraft scene to wish everyone a happy #WendigoWednesday! OMG! Now, strictly speaking we know there's technically no Wendigos in this scene, but we can forgive DJ Chimp because it's SO GOOD! Thank you man, we absolutely love it, you are seriously talented :)


@TheRealDJCHIMP on Twitter

And that's it for this week folks! Mega thanks to everyone who sent us Wendigo creations. It's always so inspiring seeing them all come in each week, it definitely brightens up our day. Who couldn't love #WendigoWednesday!?

We're looking forward to seeing what you all create next week, don't forget to share with us using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday!


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