Wendigo Wednesday #11!

Wow! What a week it's been! As I'm sure a lot of you will know, a group of us Molecules were away in LA last week for E3, showing Tearaway Unfolded and Dreams to the world! In all the excitement of last week, we missed our usual Wendigo Wednesday post, oh no! Very sorry about that, but I'm going to make it up to you now with a much needed dose of double Wendigo WIN, sharing your creations from this week and last! Let's jump right in!

Our uberly talented friend @Dumptyyy has crafted this amazing papery scene for us, which is just fantastic and so well made! However we can't help but feel bad for this poor Wendigo, he's not having a good day at all! Mega bonus points for Yellowhead too! :)


@Dumptyyy on Twitter

To celebrate the announcement of Tearaway Unfolded's release date last week, @Sandro8708 drew this adorable giant Baby Wendigo for us! iota looks super excited about the upcoming release! Thanks Sandro, this is the best!


@Sandro8708 on Twitter

Next up we have a couple of fantastic drawings from our buddy @Renaultmilton! Check out this rad 'Wendibot' made by 'Professor iota'! We wonder how much paper he needed to make that creation! There's also this cool 'Baby W-Rex (Baby Wendisaurus Rex)' from the prehistoric years of Tearaway! Thanks for the awesome drawings Renault! :)


@Renaultmilton on Twitter


@Renaultmilton on Twitter

To finish, let's share some beautiful shots found on from SAC_6F6, DucksEatPizza, cristian1210lol and Psithuros! Some really lovely framing and filters used in these shots, and we also love iota's pose in front of the fearsome Wendigo! Don't stand there too long or you might just end up lunch!

SAC 6F6-WendigoWednesday-11

SAC_6F6 on


DucksEatPizza on


cristian1210lol on


Psithuros on

And that's it for this week folks! *Big* love and hugs to everyone who sent in their amazing Wendigo creations this week, as always it's a pleasure scrolling through them all and seeing so much creativity! You folks are the best! <3

Don't forget to share your favourite Wendigos with us using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday for next time!


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