Wendigo Wednesday #13!

It's that wonderful time of the week again when we get to round up our favourite Wendigos on the interwebz this week! We missed our roundup last week due to being away at an event promoting the fabulous Tearaway Unfolded to the world (please forgive us!) so we've got lots of Wendigoodness for you this week, get ready folks!

Up first we have what I think is our first ever animated Wendigo creation! Our friend DJCHIMP on Twitter made this super sweet Wendigo animation to celebrate #WendigoWednesday (the best day of the week!) Thank you buddy!

Ooh-arr me hearties! There be a Wendigo onboard this ship! Our friend Milt on Twitter sent us this rather awesome photo of their Wendigo getting up to no good on a boat! We’re not sure how he got up there in the sails but you better make sure there’s no pearls on board or this ship’s a goner!

There's been some really great photos taken on lately, you folks are so nifty with the ol' camera! Here's some of our favourites.

Duolancello has captured a great moment here as this Wendigo roars it's head off. The use of the Macro Lens and Magazine Filter really give a great atmosphere to this shot, and the colours are fantastic. Awesome stuff!


Duolancello on

Love_crafty has captured a rather pensive looking Wendigo here, it's a great shot! The lighting and angles used here are awesome, I love the way it looks like he's looking up at the light. The High Contrast Filter used here also makes the colours really pop too, which adds a great effect. Good job!

Love crafty-Wendigo-Wednesday

Love-crafty on

Another super atmospheric shot here from Ambarmegalol, this Wendigo looks like they're emerging from a really dark and misty fog, a bit like the ones seen in Sogport Harbour. This Wendigo feels really scary and ominous, it just shows what effects the different lenses and filters can have on your shots! It's so much fun to play around with them to get different results, give it a go!


Ambarmegalol on

Well I think we'll leave it there for this week folks, we've seen some amazing Wendigos in this week's edition of #WendigoWednesday, who knows what next week will bring?

Don't forget to share your creations with us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and now Instagram! We have our own official Media Molecule account now, click here to follow along! Remember to use the hashtag #WendigoWednesday so we can keep track of them all!

Until next time Wendigo folks!


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