Wendigo Wednesday #14!

What an awesome Wendigo filled week we've had this week! We've seen everything from Wendigos riding on cats to Wendigos playing on the PS Vita! Lots of wonderful creations this week so without further ado, let's show them off :)

First up, we have a couple of awesome creations from our friend Joy Ferret on Twitter! Check out these rad digital sketches! Looks like that Wendigo's having a whale of a time on the PS Vita! I wonder if they managed to get past Wendigo Fissure? Thanks so much for these buddy!


@JoyKFerret on Twitter

Next up, our favourite papercrafter Dumptyyy has shared these great snaps from, along with this awesome piece of fan art that was shared just before we posted this, and of course we couldn't miss it out! Really lovely stuff here Dumptyy, we love atoi riding on the back on a Wendigo! Very cute indeed, and the photos are fantastic, we love the shot below from 'Between The Pages', a very well timed shot there with great use of the 'Colour Negative Filter' :)


@Dumptyyy on Twitter

Our buddy Milton Alm had a busy day yesterday chasing Wendigos around their house! It seems like your little Wendigo found a new friend in your pet cat Mio! We didn't know Wendigos and cats would get along so well but it seems like these two make a puurfect pair! :) Thanks for your photos Milt!


Some great submissions this week folks! Big thanks as always for taking the time to make something Wendigo-related for us, we love looking through your creativeness each week, it's always such fun!

We'll be back next week for another dose of #WendigoWednesday! Don't forget to share your creations with us over the week on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/Tumblr and we'll pick our favourites this time next week! Good luck spying those Wendigos in the wild folks! :)


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