Wendigo Wednesday #15!

What an exciting week it's been here in the Molecule! Not only are we helping out with the Festival of Code event, the world's largest youth hackathon event, but Tearaway Unfolded also went GOLD which is super exciting news!

And if that wasn't enough for you all, we've had some fantastic Wendigo creations shared with us this week; it's the icing on our Tearaway cake! So let's get cracking shall we?

Up first we have to say a big thank you to Milton on Twitter for drawing us this amazing fan art to celebrate our golden news yesterday! The Wendigos are gathering round and having a party, I'm sure there's an all-you-can-eat pearl buffet somewhere nearby too! Thanks so much for your drawing Milt, it's ace!


@Renaultmilton on Twitter

Take a look at this RAD drawing by our buddy DJCHIMP on Twitter! How cool is this? We absolutely love your customised Messengers guys, all the little details are fantastic! You are rocking some super green hair there, and the little top hat is the best. Who wants plushies of these two? :) Here's hoping that they spot the naughty Wendigo hiding behind them soon! Thanks so much for the artwork DJCHIMP, we love it!


@TheRealDJCHIMP on Twitter

Our friend Dumpty on Twitter is back this week with another beautiful artwork, following in the same style as their previous creation last week. We love your work here Dumpty, looks like you're using watercolours to paint these? Whatever you're using, we love it! Gorgeous as always, thank you for sharing with us!


@Dumptyyy on Twitter

Lastly, let's finish up with this great shot found on by sybanee. A real 'Wendiclose-up' shot! It almost looks as though the Wendigo is jumping out of the screen at us, thanks to the great framing and angle used here. Fantastic stuff!


sybanee on

Well what an awesome week it's been! We'd like to say a huge thank you to everyone who shared their creations with us! It's always the best scrolling through them all over the week, our timelines are constantly filled with Wendigos, who wouldn't want that! :)

Don't forget to get creating out there folks, and snapping away as you encounter Wendigos on your travels! Be sure to share your findings with us on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday! Until next time!


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