Wendigo Wednesday #16!

ZOMG! We haven't done a #WendigoWednesday roundup in so long! We're so sorry folks, it has been a super busy time for us recently as Tearaway Unfolded gets closer to launch (we can't contain our papery excitement!) To make it up to you all, this is going to be a ROARsome edition, filled with too much Wendigo for you to handle!

We've seen some super creative Wendigo scenes sent to us over the past couple of weeks, so without further ado, let's get to the good stuff!

@notrealniallmag on Twitter sent us this fantastic photo with the caption, "I think I startled the poor Wendigo with my camera!" We think you did too, and you better start moving fast otherwise the Wendigo will get you! Awesomely timed photo, it's not that easy to catch a Wendigo when they're not moving!


notrealniallmag on Twitter

Our buddy Milt on Twitter sent us this rad photo of his Wendigo flying high on the way to Helsinki! Looks like you've been doing some exciting adventuring with your Wendigo Milt, we hope you both had a good time on your travels! Thanks for the great shot!


@Renaultmilton on Twitter

We also spotted this fantastic shot by Milt on! Another perfectly timed shot, the majestic nature of the fearsome Wendigo is really captured in this moment, awesome work Milt.


renaultmilton on

We've never seen a Wendigo in the kitchen before, but as always our creative community shows us something new every week! Thanks for this hilarious picture @DiamondDiancie1 we love it! Hopefully that poor man managed to make his dinner in peace!


​@DiamondDiancie1 on Twitter

And let's finish our round up for the week with this ace photo taken by Fineasz_ferb on This is a pretty epic photo, it looks like the Wendigo is about to be pulled into some kind of cosmic warp! It's amazing! Another perfect example of a well timed shot!

Fineasz ferb-Wendigo-Wednesday-16

Fineasz_ferb on

That's it for this week folks! It's been so much fun looking at all your wonderful creations! Thank you to everyone who took part over the past few weeks. We will be back to a regular routine going forward so we look forward to seeing more of your fearsome Wendigos next week!

Don't forget to share your snaps with us on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday! Thanks folks!


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