Wendigo Wednesday #17!

Hello folks and welcome to our first Tearaway Unfolded edition of Wendigo Wednesday! We've been so excited to see all your Wendigos in the new game, especially with the new gif camera (Wendigifs anyone?) which is new to Tearaway Unfolded. And you folks certainly haven't let us down!

We've had so many awesome photos and gifs shared this week, so get ready for a bumper edition of Wendigo Wednesday! Roooooaaarr!

First up our buddy DJCHIMP shared this rad gif with us, where he's definitely in a bit of a pickle. RUN Messenger run! Great timing here pal, not sure I would've been able to capture such a moment with those two hairy, scary beasts behind me. You have nerves of steel! Thanks for your gif!

Check out this cool poster Milt made for us! Looks like the Scraps have turned against the Wendigos and have captured one! Oh no! Which of these beasties would you want to help?! Thanks for the rad poster Milt!


Our friend Apparently Shane has been busy taking lots of beautiful photos in Tearaway Unfolded and he's shared some of his awesome Wendigo snaps with us, including this ferocious Wendigo roar gif! Don't forget you can keep track of all your photos/gifs and papercrafts collected in the game on, our community site. Take a look at Shane's profile now to see more of his great work :)


SAC_6F6 on

Other wonderful Messengers around the globe have also been busy uploading their Wendigo shots to, take a look at these great snaps from Buster and Woogs!


@LittleBuster118 on Twitter


@wsomethinglbp on Twitter

And check out these super gifs by HalfUp, jackwoland and Starzkitten found on Some great moments captured here, good gif skills you guys!


HalfUp on


jackwoland on


Starzkitten on

Did you know you can also use the PS4 Share button on your DualShock 4 controller to capture screenshots of anything happening in the game at that moment? This is what Brian L on Twitter has done to capture this adorable moment between their Messenger and the Baby Wendigo! How cute! <3


@skumms on Twitter

To finish off our week of Wendigo amazeballs (ooh-er), we found this ace drawing by Mark Hall on Twitter where he's given big and little Toggle from LittleBigPlanet 3 a Wendigo costume! So brilliant! I don't think I've ever seen a Wendigo so smiley! These are fantastic Mark, thanks for sharing your talents with us!


@hallm3lbp on Twitter

Phew! We packed in a load of Wendigo WIN this week didn't we folks? :)

Thank you to everyone who sent us their creations. We're ready for more Wendigo hunting now and we can't wait to see what you talented lot create next week!

Don't forget to send us your Wendigos on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday. Thanks everyone!


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