Wendigo Wednesday #18!

Wendigood evening to you all! Are you tired of my Wendigo puns yet? No? Well great! Let's get Wendigoing then with this week's Wendigo Wednesday roundup, hooray!

With Tearaway Unfolded freshly recently and in the hands of all you lovely folk out there, we've had a non-stop stream of wonderful Wendigo creations to choose from! We've seen some grrreat gifs being made this week, and some really beautiful photos too, so let's jump right in and Wendigooo!

This week, I've been having a good ol' search through the thousands of photos and gifs that have been uploaded to, our awesome Tearaway Unfolded community site! If you're new to the world of Tearaway Unfolded, why not have a read of this here blog post to find out more about the site and how we updated it for Tearaway Unfolded!

Here's a selection of some of our favourite photos we've seen throughout the week...


<a href="">A looming Wendigo in the mist by o691d</a>


<a href="">We're behind you! By Robby72</a>


<a href="">Fantastic shot by Wozman23 using the Color Negative Filter!</a>


<a href="">A moody Wendigo peers through the darkness. By randomlolz3</a>

radenska slo-Wendigo-Wednesday-18

<a href="">A roarsome Wendigo by radenska_slo</a>

And here's our favourite gifs!


<a href="">Boo! Poor atoi gets a fright by GOGOSCOPE</a>


<a href="">A Wendigo's roar is mighty powerful up close! By Maitre-Ultime188</a>


<a href="">This poor Wendigo can't figure out how to use the Drumskins! By CypherNova139</a>


<a href="">Duck! Perfectly timed shot by hotcupajo</a>


<a href="">That rock isn't having a good day! By BranchMe</a>

There's so many more amazing Wendigo gifs and photos to see on! I wish I had time to share them all now, but we'd be here all night! So take a look over at and don't forget to upload your own. You never know, you could be featured in next week's #WendigoWednesday!

Don't forget to use the hashtag if you're sharing with us on Twitter and Facebook!


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