Wendigo Wednesday #19!

Good afternoon to all Wendigos big and small! It's that time of the week again when we round up our favourite scary monsters seen around the world of Tearaway Unfolded! It's now October and Halloween is just around the corner, so we want to start seeing your scariest Wendigos in celebration of this spooky season!

Well, without further ado, let's get cracking with this week's Wendipicks!

Our buddy @wsomethinglbp on Twitter is kicking off our spooky selection nicely today with this uber atmospheric shot. Really great use of the camera filters here, love the darkness!


@wsomethinglbp on Twitter

gleb926 on has also used the filters brilliantly here in this perfectly timed photo. The angle and crop is fantastic and really helps to show off the Wendigo in all its glory.


gleb926 on

@DragonRatTiger on Twitter sent us this beautiful photo capturing a Wendigo doing what it does best - looking menacing! I really love the colours here, the Wendigo pops out agains the green background, fantastic shot!


@DragonRatTiger on Twitter

Our good friend @JamieRead3dArt shared this fantastically moody shot with us on Twitter. I love how misty and murky this photo is, a Wendigo lurks ahead! I think you've managed to capture another Wendigo in the background too, roaring it's head off! Awesome shot Jamie!


@JamieRead3dArt on Twitter

Our Wendigo friend Milt is back this week with a perfectly timed Wendigif! Well done for capturing this Milt, you must have had to run away pretty sharpish after this was taken!


renaultmilton on

Here's another example of fab framing by trillo81 on This is a great angle used to capture the Wendigo's majesty and the colours again are superb! You folks really know how to use the camera filters to get the best results!


trillo81 on

I always love seeing photos of your Messengers posed with the Wendigos, and usually they're in a rather sticky situation! This shot by BigbyRiggs is no different! Poor atoi knows what's waiting behind her...Quick, everybody shot 'It's behind you!' Awesome shot buddy!


BigbyRiggs on

And that's it for this week folks! Thank you to everyone who shared their Wendigo creations with us! We've had some really great ones this week! Can't wait to see what you folks come up with next week, don't forget to share your spooky shots with us as we get closer to Halloween! The spookier, the better! Get your ghoul on.

Use the hashtag #WendigoWednesday and share yours with us on Twitter and Facebook!


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