Wendigo Wednesday #20!

This week's #WendigoWednesday roundup is a customisation extravaganza! We've seen some amazing customisations this week, you folks have been getting so creative with your cutting mats. Let's take a look at our Wendipicks for this week!

The first of our amazing customisations come from @nyanchuoya on Twitter with their 'God of Wendigo'! What a fearsome creature we have here, just look at those arms! You wouldn't want to mess with this one! We're loving the Sony Santa Monica Studio crossover here, brilliant stuff!


@nyanchuoya on Twitter

Next up is the wonderfully talented @Dumptyyy on Twitter who has crafted this incredibly detailed makeover for their Wendigo. Just look at those eyes! Fantastic work Dumpty! This is a perfect example of how our Companion App on your smartphone or tablet device can really help you to create super detailed decorations!


@Dumptyyy on Twitter

More awesome customisation skills here from our buddy Milt on who has made a Wendigo costume for their Messenger! Amazing! I wonder if you can fool the real Wendigos with this getup and sneak past them? Thanks for the great costume Milt!


renaultmilton on

Na_Mec on snapped this lovely family portrait with Mama Wendigo and Baby wendigo both in shot! I really love the bold colours in this shot, great use of filters here! Love the heart in atoi's eye too! <3

Na Mec-WendigoWednesday-20

Na_Mec on

Everybody needs a Wendigo for a pet! Which is exactly what @skumms on Twitter was asking when they posted this awesome shot along with the caption, "C'mon dad, can I keep her?" Brilliant stuff Skumms thank you! And that's a rad Messenger you got there :)


@skumms on Twitter

I love this gif from FDF33 on This Wendigo looks like they're up to something and are trying not to get caught! We spy you Wendigo, you can't hide! :)


FDF33 on

And let's finish the week with this crazy shot from gleb926 on I love the zooming effect here, it makes it look like a Wendighost looming at you! Super stuff :)


gleb926 on

And that's it for this week folks! Thank you once again for sending us your amazing customisations and photos, you never fail to amaze us with your creativity. We'll be back again next week for another edition of #WendigoWednesday, and don't forget to share your Wendigos with us on Facebook and Twitter!


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