Wendigo Wednesday #21

#WendigoWednesday is back after a short interval for Paris Games Week last week and your Wendigos are hairier and scarier than ever before! As usual you folks haven't let us down with your amazing photos and creations, we've had so much fun looking through them all again!

Well, without further ado let's jump right back in and take a look at our favourites for this week. Wendigooo!

Anyone hungry? Well you're in luck because we've got @Renaultmilton's 'Wendichef' in the house who can whip you up anything you want (so long as it's pearl-based). Thanks for sharing your adorable Baby Wendigo chef with us Milt!


@Renaultmilton on Twitter

@ShoA_3go shared their awesome papercrafting skills with us this week on Twitter, check out their beautifully made Wendigo and Baby Wendigo models! Looks like there's an Apple hiding in the back there, you're lucky it's not a pearl otherwise it would have been a goner! They also shared their matching Messenger and Baby Wendigo in-game too, so cute!

@ShoA 3go
@ShoA 3go-2

@ShoA_3go on Twitter

This selfie taken by wordup3637 on is just too good to miss! The timing and expression on your Messenger's face is perfect! We hope you made a hasty exit soon after this was taken! :D


wordup3637 on

This shot found on by StingrayX also caught my eye this week. Great use of the wide angle lens and the high contrast filter make for an interesting shot here; the Wendigo's arms look like they're never ending! I like it :)


And let's finish up the week with a couple of gifs because who doesn't love a gif right? Thanks to goaaala_baer and camel504 for these great gifs!

goaaala baer

Thanks for all your photos and gifs folks! As usual, don't forget to snap any Wendigos you encounter over the next week, share them with us on Twitter using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday and we'll pick our favourites to highlight next week!

If you haven't yet, give us a follow Tearaway on Twitter @tearawaygame :) Until next time!


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