Wendigo Wednesday #22

Greetings to all Wendigo warriors far and wide! It's a beautiful day to go Wendigo-watching, who has spotted one of these magnificent beasts on their travels this week? Looks like a lot of you have because we've seen a wonderful selection of drawings and photos of our hairy and scary friends! You folks certainly can't resist snapping a good Wendigo pic, even if it puts you in minor peril!

Here's our picks of the week!

We always love to see your artwork and our buddy @DragonRatTiger has sketched us this adorable Wendigo <3 We're loving the thumbs up! Thanks for sharing with us pal!


@DragonRatTiger on Twitter

Next up, gleb926 on has been busy papercrafting making these awesome Wendigo and iota models! I love this first shot, extreme close up Wendigo! Check out the rest of gleb's collection on their profile too, there's lots more papercraft goodness on there, fantastic job!


gleb926 on

ROOAAR! This fearsome shot by Lorth_7 caught my eye this week, I love how they've managed to capture the terrifying moment when a Wendigo stretches out it's neck to let out an almighty roar! What a great angle too, if you look closely, you can see the Wendigo's belly! Fantastic shot buddy!

Lorth 7

Lorth_7 on

@wsomethinglbp on Twitter shared this snap with us along with the caption "There has been a meteor shower in the fissure.. This was the first victim D:" Oh no! That poor Wendigo had no idea what was about to hit him! Hopefully he managed to dodge out the way. Perhaps if all the meteors were made of pearls, then the Wendigos could just eat them all! Thanks for sharing your rad photo with us pal!

@wsomethinglbp 1

@wsomethinglbp on twitter

Lastly, let's finish up with this cute and unusual shot taken by sareee_88 on I love how close they've managed to get to the Wendigo, allowing us to see all the papery fur on its back, and they've managed to get behind it too, an angle we don't often see a Wendigo from! The cheeky expression on atoi's face just completes it! We hope this Wendigo didn't spot you, otherwise you'd be in for trouble!

sareee 88

sareee_88 on

What a Wendigood time we've had this week folks! Big thanks as always to everyone who shared their creations and photos with us, we love seeing what you folks can make!

Don't forget to keep your eyes peeled for any Wendigos over the coming week, and share your finds with us on Twitter using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday. Thanks folks and we'll see you next week!


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