Wendigo Wednesday #24

Hey everyone and welcome back to Wendigo Wednesday! We took a little break recently while we were away in San Francisco for PSX but today we are back and sharing our favourite Wendigos from the past few weeks. We're feeling a little Christmassy today and thankfully our Wendigos are too! Let's see what we've got, shall we? :)

To start we have to say a mega thank you to ‏@DiamondDiancie1 on Twitter who created this awesome little birthday sketch for us, complete with Messengers, Wendigos, Scraps and Squirrels all celebrating Tearaway's 2nd birthday! We love iota's shocked face at seeing a Squirrel burst through the cake, we've never seen that either iota! You better grab a slice of cake quickly before the mischevious Squirrel gobbles it all up!


@DiamondDiancie1 on Twitter

Next up we have this adorable sketch of 'Harvey', the Baby Wendigo by @Krinklecat's sister. We absolutely love this, the feathers and horns are a nice touch too, we love a Wendigo who can accessorise :) Thanks for sharing with us Krinklecat!

@ Krinklecat

Our friend Milt has been busy getting into the festive spirit and has given his Baby Wendigo a Santa makeover! What a cute little Santa, although hopefully he's not stuck inside that cage forever otherwise no one will get their presents come Christmas morning! Thanks for the awesome customisation Milt :)


@LittleBigMilt on Twitter

There's something very hypnotising about this gif, also made by Milt on, I can't stop watching it! A never-ending stream of Wendigos, great gif buddy thanks for sharing!


renaultmilton on

This is a really cool shot by Ikaboth found on They've used the Nifty Fifty filter to get nice and close to the Wendigo so we can have a good look at its chops! Really great timed shot as well, we hope you ran away soon after this was taken, this Wendigo doesn't look too happy!


Here's another really great shot we spied on recently. This full frontal (ooh-er) Wendigo was snapped by panpod and it's an awesome photo. The Wendigo grabs your attention, whilst everything else in the background is nicely blurred out. The colours here are really effective, the Wendigo contrasts nicely with the pink. Super shot!


panpod on

What a wonderful collection of Wendigos we have there :) Thanks for sharing all your 'Wendicreations' with us over the past few weeks folks. We always love to see 'em so keep them coming! Next week we'll be doing our final Wendigo Wednesday post of the year and to celebrate, we'll be rounding up all our favourites from the past year to create a MEGA WENDIGO collection! It's going to be awesome so make sure you don't miss it!

Don't forget to send in any Wendigos you spot over the next week on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday. Thanks folks, see you next week!


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