Wendigo Wednesday #27

Happy Wendigo Wednesday folks! We've got another bunch of Wendigo wonders to feast your eyes on this week. Have you spied a hairy and scary beast recently? Don't forget to share your Wendigos with us on the Twitters, the Facebooks and the Instagrams!

Let's see which Wendigo-tastic creations have caught our eye this time!

Our Wendigo Wednesday superstar Milt has been busy this week creating a Tearaway and Dreams mashup! It's a Wendigo made in Dreams. I wonder if the Imps are scared of the Wendigo? Although they could always just tweak his sass levels to make him more sassy and less scary :P Super awesome work here Milt, thanks for making this!

@ Little Big Milt

@LittleBigMilt on Twitter

As I was browsing the other day, I came across this chap captured by domino264, and it reminded me of those times when you have an intense stare going on and can't look away. It's quite hypnotic really! Thanks for the great giffage!


domino264 on Twitter

This photo by esmoriz203 on caught my eye because I liked the way they had used a photo to change the skin on the Wendigo, and for some reason the colours from the photo reminded me of Tails, from Sonic the Hedgehog! Maybe my eyes are going funny in my old age, either way it's a great, majestic shot of this Wendigo!


esmoriz203 on

And here's another great example of this by LBPixie too! I love how dark and terrifying this Wendigo looks with it's shining blood red eyes. Spooky!


LBPixie on

Here's a photo taken in Tearaway by winterborn88, taken juuuust at the right time before this Wendigo strikes with it's boulder. There must have been some very quick footing required here to get away from this terror, we hope you made it out ok!


Winterborn88 on

Let's finish up our round up with something cute :) This adorable family portrait was taken by CyberTronX280, look how happy mama and papa Wendigo are! <3 Maybe Wendigos aren't so scary after all :)

Cyber Tron X280

Thank you to all our wonderful creators this week, as always please feel free to share any Wendigos you come across during your adventures. We always love to see what our Messengers get up to :) Don't forget to use the hashtag #WendigoWednesday when posting online, thanks everyone!


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