Wendigo Wednesday #28!

Happy Wendigo Wednesday everyone! We hope you are all having a wonderful day with your Wendigo chums. We've had a fantastic time seeing all your photos and gifs coming in, we've had some real crackers this week!

Here's just a small selection of our favourites...

Kendaal on has captured a number of really great shots this week, all of which are really atmospheric and beautiful. Our fearful Wendigo has never looked so moody and atmospheric! Check out their shots below, and have a look at their Baby Wendigo gif too. A perfectly timed gif *blink blink*

Kendaal 2

Kendaal on

Our friend Dumptyyy is back sharing more awesome Wendigo snaps from their adventures. Here's a rather lovely collection of shots featuring their Messenger atoi (sporting a rather marvellous hat I must add) and a rather docile Wendigo. We can't help but wonder how Dumptyyy managed to capture these snaps without being chased by the Wendigo, they must be a Wendigo whisperer! Great shots as always Dumptyyy, thanks for sharing.

Dumptyyy 2

@Dumptyyy on Twitter

A gif which loops perfectly is what I think we all strive for in life. DragonRatTiger has pretty much managed to nail this with their gif below, the Wendigos look as if they're part of an ongoing stampede. It's actually quite mesmerising really!

Dragon Rat Tiger

DragonRatTiger on

I'm a huge sucker for shallow depth of field photography and as I was browsing this week, this shot taken by mryan96 really caught my eye. Firstly because it's ridiculously cute, and secondly because of the creamy delicious background, the little Baby Wendigo really stands out in this shot it's great!

Check out mryan96's profile for their other photos too, they've taken some really beautiful snaps during their adventures!


mryan96 on

Thank you once again for another fantastic week of Wendigo wonders folks, it's always a joy to see what moments you've been capturing through your papery lenses :)

As always, don't forget to share your photos and fan art with us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday.

See you next week!


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