Wendigo Wednesday #29

It's another fine day in the papery lands of Tearaway today. Our hairy and scary Wendigo friends have been out and about causing mischief and mayhem as usual, and you folks have been snapping away, sharing all their tricks for the world to see, and for us to share!

Here's our favourite Wendigo moments caught on camera this week :)

Our roundup starts with this rather entrancing Wendigo gif snapped by RMPage on I thought it was a rather appropriate gif for expressing how we all feel on 'Hump Day'! Great looping skills used here RMPage, thanks for sharing!


When you realise it's only Wednesday... #HumpDay

*It's behind you!*

Here's a great photo taken by FLOYDZAPPA on Poor atoi looks to be in a spot of bother here! We hope she managed to get out of the way of that ferocious Wendigo behind her, or maybe she's got a sneaky pearl stashed away in her backpack for such an occasion! Either way, it's a perfectly timed shot, great job FLOYDZAPPA!



This gif by S0n of Lib3rtyyy caught my eye as I was browsing the other day, I love the look on confusion on this poor Wendigo's face! 'How did I get here?!' More great looping skills on display here, awesome job buddy!

S0n Of Lib3rtyyy

S0n_Of_Lib3rtyyy on

And to finish, here's a beautifully artistic shot of a Wendigo snapped by user chuckydial. I love the angle and lens used for this shot, the macro lens really helps to highlight the Wendigo's majestic features! Even though they may be scary, you can't deny the impressiveness of a Wendigo <3 :) Great shot chuckydial, thanks for sharing with us!


chuckydial on

And that's it for this week folks, thanks for joining us :) We'll be back next week sharing more of your impressive creations; please feel free to send us your Wendigo snaps and sketches to us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, we love seeing what you folks make.

Until next week friends, have a Wendigood time!


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