Wendigo Wednesday #3!

Happy Wendigo Wednesday everyone! It's that wonderful time of the week again where we roundup our favourite Wendigo creations and share them with you all! This week has been all about some awesome papercrafting action, so without further ado let's get stuck in!

One of our favourite papercrafters @Dumptyyy has been busy creating these AMAZING Wendigo scenes. They are absolutely fantastic and OMG, the Vine video below made us all *squeal* with delight! You are so talented @Dumptyyy, thank you for sharing your incredible work with us!


This little Wendigo is a very cute fellow!


Aww! Wendigo hugs!


What's atoi got in her hand? Looks suspiciously like Wendigo hair...

Next up we have a couple of rad shots from user avbrigoli_2006! There are so many Wendigos in this first photo! We're super impressed you managed to get that close to not one, but four fearsome Wendigos! :)

avbrigoli 2006-Wendigo-Wednesdays

Check out this rather confused looking Wendigo, which has been given the negative filter treatment. We love using this filter in interesting ways and it's certainly given this shot a different feel!

avbrigoli 2006-Wendigo-Wednesdays-2

Lastly we've got a beautiful piece of Wendigo artwork from twitter user @Sandro8708, which was shared with us during our first week of Wendigo Wednesdays (just after we had posted our roundup). We're big fans of Sandro's work here and this was just too good not to share, so feast your eyes upon this ace artwork, the detail is incredible! Thanks again for sharing Sandro! :)


That's all for this week folks! As always, massive love and Molecule hugs to everyone who joined in with the Wendigo fun and we'll be back next week with more Wendigo win!

Don't forget to share your next Wendigo creations with us on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday and we'll see you all next week!


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