Wendigo Wednesday #32 - Announcing our WinRAR!

Happy #WendigoWednesday everyone!

Today is an exciting day because we get to announce the winner of our #WendigoWednesday competition! We set you all the challenge of creating a super special photo/piece of art for this week's roundup, and our favourite would win a squirrel onesie - a fine prize indeed! We've seen some fantastic entries coming in from our wonderful community and as always, we were tasked with the difficult decision of picking a winner!

After lots of umming and ahhing, we have made our decision! And the winner is...*drum roll please!*...

Michael Østergaard!!

Many Wendigo sized congratulations to you Michael, we love your entry! Take a look at Micheal's awesome work below and he's even included a story with it as well - a very nice touch :)

Michael Østergaard Winner

The Queen of Paper Sheeps, the bringer of light was in a sheepful of trouble! 

The Wendigos, like some humans, didn't like light cause light often showed wrinkles, baggy eyes and stained paper! 

Luckily The Black Sheeps came and saved the day!

We loved how Michael created his story using a mix of digital and real life elements - the paper is very Tearaway of course! It all works together so well and the Wendigos look fantastic, although I'm not sure the sheep would agree with me ;)

Well done Michael! We will be in touch with you shortly to discuss the important matter of posting your squirrel onesie to you, hooray! Soon you will look as cool as me, seen sporting the onesie below :)

Img 5504

A Wendisquirrel?

Lots of love and thanks to everyone else who entered the contest as well. We had a lot of fun seeing your creations come in! We'd like to also give a special shout out to Stephen Morton and DJCHIMP for their awesome creations, they made us smile (see below)! <3

We'll be back next week with our usual #WendigoWednesday roundup, don't miss it folks! Be sure to send any Wendigos you encounter to us via Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.

Stephen Morton

Stephen made an album sharing 'A Day in the Life of a Baby Wendigo!' <a href="">Check it out!</a>


DJCHIMP discovers that Wendigos aren't big fans of visitors! <a href="">Take a look!</a>


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