Wendigo Wednesday #33!

Hello Wendigo friends far and wide!

Our favourite time of the week has rumbled around again... It's Wendigo Wednesday! This week's roundup has a little bit of a spooky feel to it so if you're easily scared (like us) look away now!

You're still here? Ok, well don't say we didn't warn you! Here's the shots that gave us a fright this week...

caitlyngusa100 took this piercing shot on and by golly, look at those eyes! You can't miss them that's for sure! I'm not quite sure how they got this shot but the lighting is fantastic, the darkness combined with the piercing red eyes gives a terrifying effect. Be careful not to look into the Wendigo's eyes for too long though...


caitlyngusa100 on

I really love this shot taken by Hi_Nata_, there's a real feeling of loneliness and sadness about the picture! I've also only just noticed that there's a Baby Wendigo in the left of the photo, who looks even sadder! I hope these two manage to find each other again one day...

Hi Nata

Hi_Nata_ on

Time for some gif action! ArulaSky captured this jaw-dropping Wendigo in The Lab and I love how the mouth slightly wobbles at the end of the loop, it's rather mesmerising! I do have one question though...what was this Wendigo looking at to make it's mouth drop like that? *spooky music* O__o

Arula Sky

ArulaSky on

Lastly, check out this neon photo taken by spitfire705. I love the way they've used the negative filter here, it really makes this Wendigo look even more fearful than usual! Perhaps they should consider a new look!? Great shot buddy!


Spitfire705 on

What a teaarifying week! I quite enjoyed these darker shots actually :) Thank you to everyone who snapped a Wendigo this week and shared it online. Don't forget to keep doing this while you're out and about in the world of Tearaway, and be sure to share your findings with us on Twitter and Facebook, we'd love to see what you find!

Until next week folks, be safe out there! ;)


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