Wendigo Wednesday #34!

Our favourite time of the week is upon us once more, it's time for our weekly #WendigoWednesday roundup! We had a little break whilst we were away for GDC, so we've got plenty of good stuff to share today! :)

Let's jump straight in and see who caught our eye over the past few weeks...

Are you ready for your close up? This Wendigo certainly was! We loved this shot taken by sleepysackboy on and if you're wondering how they got so close to this Wendigo, the zoom lens is your answer! Perfect for capturing those moments when you don't want to get too close to your subject!


sleepysackboy on

We love this moment captured by PikachoQ____q on, it feels intimate and cosy, capturing a rare calm moment in this Wendigo's day. The lighting is awesome too, creating an interesting shadow beneath our hairy friend. Great shot buddy!

Pikacho Q  Q

PikachoQ____q on

CosmicGirrrl has been busy taking a bunch of awesome shots recently, check out our favourites below. I really love the first shot, the Macro lens used here add such a nice shallow depth of field to the picture, and the angle is really interesting too.

Cosmic Girrrl

CosmicGirrrl on

And we're not sure how CosmicGirrrl managed to take this photo without getting in the Wendigo's firing line but it's perfect! You might not see it straight away, but there's also our adorable friend the Baby Wendigo in the frame too, perfect timing all round! :)

Cosmic Girrrl2

CosmicGirrrl on

Here's a great example of how much the atmosphere in a photo can change just by using a filter. italyvene on chose the Vintage Filter here and it's made the Wendigo Fissure feel like a completely different level. There's an eerie glow to it, brilliantly done :)


italyvene on

Finishing off this week's roundup is a perfect gif snapped by Chris3191. See, even Wendigo's need to have a good scratch sometimes and this plucky Messenger was there to giggle and capture it all on camera! Thanks for the awesome gif Chris!


Chris3191 on

Wendigo Jenny

Is there something on my head?

And that's it for this week folks! Thanks for joining us and a big Wendigo sized thank you to everyone who shared their Wendigo photos with us, it's always so much fun seeing what you've all been up to in the world of Tearaway :)

Don't forget to send us your snaps and creations on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram in time for next week folks, you might just find yourself starring in our Wendigo roundup next time! #WendigoWednesday!

Thanks everyone :)


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