Wendigo Wednesday #35!

Happy #WendigoWednesday everybody! This week I fancied taking a look back at one of the early trailers we made for the original Tearaway on the PS Vita as I remembered there was a song in there which sung about our favourite scary friends! Although I have since learnt that Wendigos are in fact scaly and not hairy as I always thought. You learn something new everyday!

"Wendigos are big and scary,

they're not hairy they are scaly.

Claws and teeth and bad breath toooo,

run away they're after You!"

Tearaway Sogport Trailer

It's awesome looking back at that trailer, great papery memories :)

Well then, let's crack on with our #WendigoWednesday roundup shall we! Take it away...

We're kicking off today's roundup with this ah-ma-zing Wendigo fan art made for us by our good friend @AntiLBPFan! Look how cute this Baby Wendigo is behind it's protective Wendigo mama, we love it! We're huge fans of AntiLBPFan's work here in the studio, they're got such a unique style and we're always excited to see what they create next. Keep it up buddy! :) And thanks for the fan art <3

Anti Lbpfan

@AntiLBPFan on Twitter

I love this shot by Sthdx_Gamer_Br found on, it immediately caught me eye as I was browsing on there recently. The way they've used the Zoom Lens to blur the background out, combined with the Magazine Filter to make the colours pop really works well. It's a great shot that conveys the majesty of this fearsome beast! 

Sthdx Gamer Br

Sthdx_Gamer_Br on

Look into my eyes! I know we've had a similar photo like this in our roundup before but I loved this gif version too much not to share :) stasha015 did a great job getting the loop just perfect here, this Wendigo is definitely in some kind of trance...perhaps there's a pearl nearby!


stasha015 on

This Baby Wendigo looks like it had one too many pearls last night! I love the expression on it's face, and the wonky eye just adds to the charm! Thanks for the gif naowys!


naowys on

Don't get the hump CCastaneda1220, it's almost the weekend! This Wendigo looks like it could be dancing, we just need a super sick beat in the background, anyone want to oblige? Thanks for sharing with us Castaneda, great giffage!


CCastaneda1220 on

Annnnnnd that concludes this week's #WendigoWednesday roundup folks! Thanks for joining us and a massive thank you to all those who sent us fan arts and photos, we always love seeing what you folks are creating! :)

Join us next week for more Wendigo winning times and don't forget to share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday!

See you next time folks!


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