Wendigo Wednesday #36!

The sun is shining today at Mm Towers, we had a BBQ for lunch and it's #WendigoWednesday... it doesn't get any better than that!

Thanks for joining us for another Wendigo-tastic roundup folks. We've seen some really awesome Wendigos this week and we've had our first time-lapse submission! Oooh, scroll down to see who made our roundup this week!

We're kicking things off with this super rad sketch by Paul Kercal! Paul sent us his sketch along with a really cool time-lapse video showing his creation process on a Promethean IWB! It's fantastic stuff, be sure to check out the video below. I really love how much personality this little Wendigo has, especially the added cup of coffee. Even Wendigo's need a caffeine hit sometimes!

Thanks for making this for us Paul, we <3 it! Make sure you head on over to Paul's Flickr page to see more of his amazing artwork.

Paul Kercal

WW/MM. Adobe Photoshop on Promethean IWB.

We haven't seen any papercrafting in a while, so I was very glad to see our buddy @AntiLBPFan had got the scissors and glue out this week and made this delightful mask! I'm loving the colours in this photo, the greens and oranges work well together. I quite like a Wendigo with a green mouth! Thanks @AntiLBPFan :)

@ Anti Lbpfan

@AntiLBPFan on Twitter

And now for some lovely shots from This first one is a classic Baby Wendigo pose and one that never gets old! Thanks to coloradobound for snapping this cheeky little monster in the Crash Site. I wonder what they named their Baby Wendigo?


valerrruch captured this rather stunned looking Wendigo in The Lab! What has caught this Wendigo's eye? I bet it's some kind of pearl, or perhaps another Messenger it wants to chase! I love the purple background used here, it makes the Wendigo really pop out in the photo, great job valerrruch! :)


valerrruch on

Although perhaps a little too dark, this shot feels super eerie to me and it gives an entirely different character to the Wendigo, which I absolutely love! I love photos that can alter the way we perceive things and I think SASHAKHOLENKO on has managed to do just that. I wouldn't want to meet this Wendigo down a dark alley...


Well I think that just about rounds it off for this week's wonderful collection of papery monsters! Mega, super thanks to everyone who created things for us this week, as always we really appreciate everything that you folks make and it's a highlight to see how creative you all get! Keep it coming :)

Don't forget to share your Wendigo's with us on tearaway.meTwitter, Facebook and Instagram, and we'll catch you all next week!


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