Wendigo Wednesday #38!

Happy #WendigoWednesday everybody! It's that glorious time of the week where I get to share all the awesome Wendigifs and photos that have been making us jolly this week!

Did your Wendigo make it into our roundup? Read on to find out :D

The Wendigo Wobble is back in full force this week thanks to LoveAngel-_- on with their fabulous gif capturing this most wobbliest of moments! We think this should definitely become some kind of dance craze, who's with us? :)

Love Angel

Do the Wendigo Wobble!

It's gifs galore this week! Here's a greatly timed gif from our pal amir_habekirov on Wonder what caught this Wendigo's eye?

Amir Habekirov

Did this Wendigo spy a pearl over there?

I think this is my favourite Wendigo pose, shot by FiliBarto on It's a mighty pose that captures the power of this papery beasty! It's a really great shot with the pink background too, fantastic contrast against the Wendigo :)

Fili Barto

Tetrafrac has taken some great shots this week, they've captured really great atmospheres in both of these photos, and the Wendigos stand out really well against their respective backgrounds. Fantastic papery photography here pal!


That's it for our roundup this week folks! Thanks very much for tuning in and we'll be back next week with more of your Wendigo wonders!

We'd love to see more of your Wendigo fan arts as well so please don't be shy if you've been busy sketching recently; we'd love to see your Wendidoodles :D Ok, I really must stop doing that!

Don't forget to send us your photos and fan arts to us on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday.

Thanks everyone, catch you all next week!


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