Wendigo Wednesday #39!

Hey friends!

It's our favourite day of the week, it's Wendigo Wednesday! We hope you're all having a splendid day. Unfortunately the rain has decided to descend upon Guildford this week, making it feel very un-summery indeed!

Perhaps some Wendigoodness will make the sun come out? Check out this week's roundup!

Oh dear. It seems to be raining in Wendigo Fissure as well! I don't think that umbrella is quite big enough to provide adequate coverage for such a ferocious beast! Massive thanks to our buddy Paul Kercal for sharing his artwork with us, it's awesome! I just hope this poor Wendigo doesn't get too soggy :-/

Paul Kercal 2


MajorDX on has been sharing some majorly awesome photos and gifs on recently and they've captured some really great shots of our friendly neighbourhood Wendigos! Check out a small selection of their shots below and be sure to pay a visit to their profile to see more!

Major Dx

Coming 'atcha!

Major Dx2
Major Dx

Here's a lovely photo taken by Egorka_P on I like the way they've captured the detail on the Wendigo's mouth; the way their mouths fold like that is so cute (but also fearsome yes)! 

Egorka P

Hey you Wendigo! Look over there! A nicely captured gif, courtesy of Pop-Star-Chris on

Pop Star Chris

I love this shot by Pawel2Pl, taken in Tearaway on the PS Vita. They've used the Magazine Filter to make the colours really pop, and the Wide Angle Lens helps to capture this passageway in its full majesty. Rad shot!


And that's it for this week's roundup folks! Thanks for tuning in and a massive thank you to all our papery Messengers out there for sharing their Wendigos with the world!

Don't forget to send us your Wendigo creations in time for next week's roundup, we always love to see what you're all up to in the papery world of Tearaway :) Share your snaps and sketches with us using the hashtag #WendigoWednesday on Twitter and Facebook!

Catch you next week Wendifriends! :)


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